February Zodiac Signs

Pisces Your mission is to be a little more focused in terms of what and who you give your energy to this month. Invest in people that invest in you and don’t fall into the trap of trying to keep everyone happy. Remember, you’re the star of the show now. Prioritize what’s important to stay... Continue Reading →

Electives for a Bright Future

Most Lake Norman Charter High School students are interested in a certain career, passion, or college path. After all, it is a college prep school. These students take the school’s required electives to graduate: a fine arts credit, two foreign language credits and a Health/PE credit. They also take electives out of their own interest.... Continue Reading →

McKay For The Win

The varsity football team has a proven coach that is ready to rack up wins in the upcoming season. Mr. McKay, math teacher and physical conditioning coach, has taken over the Head Coaching position for the Varsity Football team. Mr. Steele will continue to coach as an assistant. Leading teams to victories will not be... Continue Reading →

Christmas Trends and More!

Christmas is just around the corner! We cannot contain ourselves here at The Roundtable so here are some Christmas trends you don't want to miss!   The Neon Tree! This tree is out of the ordinary but perfect for 2018 the year of change and diversity! This pink tree fits perfectly with the room design... Continue Reading →

Speak Up Stand Up by Brynn Cleveland

For the school's DigCit class, I have begun creating my passion project called Speak up Stand up. This project is centered around the topic of bullying. Promoting anti-bullying awareness in school and how to refrain from being a bystander. I am approaching my project in an open-minded way because I always need new ideas. A... Continue Reading →

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