McKay For The Win

The varsity football team has a proven coach that is ready to rack up wins in the upcoming season. Mr. McKay, math teacher and physical conditioning coach, has taken over the Head Coaching position for the Varsity Football team. Mr. Steele will continue to coach as an assistant. Leading teams to victories will not be... Continue Reading →

New Leader, New Team

When the lights shine brightest, some people shy away. Others take advantage of the moment and Guard Ian Martino (12) is one of these people. "I expect myself to have a big year with all the work I've put in the summer and fall." said Martino. Martino is not alone in his last season of... Continue Reading →

A Dominant Season

By: Melvin Harris This year's Girl's soccer team is having one of their best seasons in a while. Their success can be partially attributed to one of their leaders, Ayden Yates. Yates is a sophomore who plays forward. She leads the team in goals scored and points. She is also second in assists per game.... Continue Reading →

Black History in Education

By: Melvin Harris Black History Month has not always been celebrated for a whole month. It was originally only celebrated for a week. Carter G. Woodson was an African American historian who is best known as the, “Father of Black History”. He chose February as the month in which Black History would be celebrated because... Continue Reading →

Mr. Do It All

By: Melvin Harris Mr. Zamiara is a Math Teacher at LNC, but there is more to him than just numbers and graphs. Zamiara, aka Coach Z the name that his runners refer to him as, has been running ever since he could. Throughout his time in High School and College, Coach Z ran competitively.  He is... Continue Reading →

Impacting the World, One Teacher at a Time

By: Melvin Harris Learn, Lead, and Serve is LNC's motto and Mrs. Cavicchia embodies these values. Mrs. Cavicchia did not start off as an educator.  She began her career as a journalist. She has professional experience writing articles and putting ads in the magazine of very popular venues. Cavicchia says, "I worked for CNN in... Continue Reading →

Meet Mr. Funchess

Mr. Funchess was born to educate the youth. Whether that be lecturing a student or teaching his football players the playbook. He considers himself one of the best at his job because he believes he is one of the highest intellectuals at school. “I’ve always enjoyed conveying knowledge. I got into education because I consider... Continue Reading →

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