The Roundtable: April/May Edition!

By: Lindsey Moore Welcome to the last edition of the newspaper! Before you know it, you'll be done with all of your AP exams and finals, and the year will be over. Make sure you take care of yourself in these last few weeks of school; don't let end of semester stress get to you!... Continue Reading →

A Chat on Gun Violence

By: Genevieve Husak and Clayton Covington In the wake of yet another mass shooting, we as Americans find ourselves divided once more over the issue of guns.  Rather than ignore yet another tragedy of negligence, students have taken to the streets and the headlines to try and bring needed change.  But when rights collide, there... Continue Reading →

Ways to Save the Earth!

By: Lindsey Moore Though we have one designated day to celebrate our beautiful planet (April 22, in case you missed it), we should use every day to celebrate and protect the earth we call home. Here are a few ways you can help save the planet: Recycle! There are plenty of recycling bins around in... Continue Reading →

The Roundtable: March Edition!

By: Lindsey Moore We've made it to spring and the 4th quarter! Between all of the test, quizzes, and projects, 2018 has already begun to speed by. Now is a great time to reflect on the past couple of months. Are you positively impacting your world? Are you using your time wisely? Declutter the unproductive... Continue Reading →

The Roundtable: February Edition

By: Lindsey Moore February, for many people, is a month centered around Valentine's day. However when thinking of the holiday, we sometimes forget about one of the most important forms of love: self love. Until we learn to truly love and understand ourselves, we cannot do the same for others. Use this month, and every month,... Continue Reading →

The Roundtable: January Edition

By: Lindsey Moore It's 2018! For some it's the year of graduation, for others it's sixteenth birthday parties or a drivers license. Whatever you're looking forward to this year, make sure to enjoy the time it takes to get there. Use every moment of your time wisely, and set yourself up for a year full... Continue Reading →

The Roundtable: November Edition

By: Lindsey Moore Welcome to the November edition of the student newspaper! I hope you have been enjoying The Roundtable so far! It's our first full month of fall, a time to adjust to the weather and reflect. As you finish out the month, remember to appreciate what you have and continue to work hard. We're almost done... Continue Reading →

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