Movies in Theaters: April/May Edition

By: Hannah Gorski A Quiet Place (PG-13) In this new horror thriller, A Quiet Place, the Abbott family lives in a dystopian world where any sound is hunted and killed. This family struggles to survive in this terrifying world and must attempt to find a way to defeat their killers. This family of four struggles to... Continue Reading →

Movies in Theaters – March Edition

By: Hannah Gorski Avengers: Infinity War (PG-13) In this action-packed new film coming out in April, all the Avengers get together to fight Thanos to keep him from getting his hands on the six Infinity Stones. The stones have the potential to produce mass destruction and only the help from the Marvel heroes can save... Continue Reading →

Popular Netflix Movies – February Edition

By: Hannah Gorski The Cloverfield Paradox (TV-MA) A return to the well-known Cloverfield name, this new addition to Netflix brings another horror film to the scene. The Cloverfield Paradox takes place in the near future and focuses on a team of astronauts as they discover a new part of reality that has the potential to tear life as we... Continue Reading →

Movies in Theaters: Jan. Edition

By: Hannah Gorski The Greatest Showman (PG) New to theaters, The Greatest Showman has impacted audiences everywhere. Based off of a true story, this film tells the exciting story of how the Barnum and Bailey Circus came to be and how the imagination of a young boy living in poverty could create a reputation that would last... Continue Reading →

Movies in Theaters

Movies in Theaters By: Hannah Gorski Justice League (PG-13)  The famous group of DC superheroes unite together to save the world in this action-packed adventure film. This long-anticipated superhero film includes all of your favorite superheroes and is supposed to be quite the showstopper. (I've heard that the film doesn't quite live up to it's... Continue Reading →

What’s In Theaters? November Edition

By: Hannah Gorski Murder on the Orient Express (PG-13) An exciting trip across Europe experiences a frightening twist when a murder occurs aboard the train. The race is on to discover who the murderer is before another innocent person is killed. Detective Hercule Poirot believes anyone can be a suspect and works to find the... Continue Reading →

Movies in Theaters! Oct. Edition

By: Hannah Gorski Happy Death Day (PG - 13) This new thriller movie has a similar premise to the "Groundhog Day" movie... except spookier. A young woman wakes up on her birthday only to be killed that day by a masked murder. Now, she is forced to relive that same day over and over until... Continue Reading →

Movies to See in Theaters!

It (Rated R)*: With Halloween right around the corner, be sure to see this new horror film if you’re looking for a scare to start off your weekend. It revolves around the lives of a group of seven young teens as they begin the fight to overcome their own fears in order to defeat the... Continue Reading →

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