Electives for a Bright Future

Most Lake Norman Charter High School students are interested in a certain career, passion, or college path. After all, it is a college prep school. These students take the school’s required electives to graduate: a fine arts credit, two foreign language credits and a Health/PE credit. They also take electives out of their own interest.... Continue Reading →

Rom-Coms for Valentine’s Day

By: Ally Reavis Spending this Valentine’s Day alone under your covers binging your favorite show on Netflix? Nothing wrong with that! Especially when you have your own celebration with a rom-com. Who doesn’t love a good romantic comedy? Grab the popcorn and entertain yourself with these suggestions! Notting Hill Notting Hill is one of my... Continue Reading →

Varsity Cheer: State Champs!

By: Ally Reavis You may have heard (or seen it all over social media) that our varsity cheer team took first for their division at the state competition on Saturday, making the Knights state champs! The team has worked super hard for this all season, and are thrilled it all payed off. I can vouch... Continue Reading →

NCTC: Something to be Proud of

By: Ally Reavis You may or may not have noticed all the hard work our school’s theater program has been putting in this year! With going all the way to SCTC last year, the members are striving to keep their high status. The plays, Wiley and the Hairyman and H-O-N-K performed their opening night in... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Listening To

By: Ally Reavis October has been a great month for music, although there were not many major releases. For me, this month (and forever), Billie Eilish has been looping on my Spotity. Billie was born and raised in L.A, and has always been homeschooled. Her parents encouraged her and her bother to follow their passions... Continue Reading →

A Chain of Disasters 

by Ally Reavis It isn't hard to tell that the past few weeks have been dictated primarily by natural disasters. From Hurricane Harvey to the magnitude seven earthquake in Mexico and too many in between, it might feel to you that the world is ending. It can all be a lot to process, so here... Continue Reading →

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