National English Honor Society’s Poems

Curated By: Ashlyn Chapman   "V-Day in a Capitalistic Society: A Haiku" St. Valentine's Day, Love and consumerism, Corporations win.     love is not unlike cigarettes; addiction's most fatal attraction     "Love is..." Love is a firework kiss That I always miss Love is when I see you everywhere Because you are always... Continue Reading →

Micro-Goal Setting in Second Semester

By: Ashlyn Chapman If you haven't already taken the time to look at our calendar, here is the link. For many students, second semester wears them down, especially during the tedious hours studying for finals during fourth quarter. In order to survive and thrive when low on motivation, I propose students start setting small goals... Continue Reading →

Festive Desserts

In honor of our upcoming midterms, I created a list of some simple holdiay themed desserts to satisfay any cravings from stress. Christmas Tree Brownies The strawberry oreo icing is made from powdered sugar; whereas, the brownies are made from store bought icing. However, the either icing recipe could be swapped, in case you wanted... Continue Reading →


Over a month into the new school year, and I have learned plenty of things that will knock your socks right off. I can graph a slope of a slope, and I can identify common precipitates in chemical reactions. However, the most life-changing thing I have learned so far is that people eat the skin... Continue Reading →

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