What You Need to Know for the NC Primary Election

By: Aaron Daum Please email me if you have any questions or comments about this article! adaum1@student.lncharter.org (Above: Sheriff candidates Ensley and McFadden debate) Basic Details: -Who: Democratic and Republican candidates (and a lone, brave Libertarian,) and most importantly, you, the voter! -What: Voters will pick candidates who they feel either represents them the most... Continue Reading →

February Music Reviews

By: Aaron Daum (Disclaimer: the following article is purely my opinion - which may be different than yours. Please be respectful!) As the new year starts to take hold, so have new music releases; January was an awful quiet month for new music from major artists, but several big-game players have come out with new... Continue Reading →

LNC closes cross country season with a bang

By: Aaron Daum After far too long, Lake Norman Charter’s women’s cross country team has finally brought home their second state championship, following two close finishes in the past two years. Facing the best in the state, it wasn’t fully evident that the team had won until the runner-up team, North Lincoln, had been announced.... Continue Reading →

International News

By: Aaron Daum In the past month, a lot has gone on around the world – and I’m afraid that so much of it is going over our heads in this period where the media focuses so much on internal affairs that much of what goes on outside our borders, goes unnoticed. I want to... Continue Reading →

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