Reaching your 2019 Goals One Step at a Time, Any Time

Fallen behind? Want to improve but just don’t know where to start? Every year I mentally prepare a list of goals, but I always forget them after two weeks. As a fellow Lake Norman Charter student, I know how stressful school can get which in turn causes your goals to fall out of focus. Sometimes it’s the pressure of a “new year, new me.” Whatever the case may be, you might feel lost. This year, I have devised a list of strategies that might help aid those who want to make progress throughout the year. The best thing about it is there is no time constraint! Changing yourself is in your own hands. If you take it seriously, you can accomplish your goals and bring out the best version of yourself anytime of the year.  


  • Journal your goals! Don’t just think them, continue to write them and write down your progress

If your progress isn’t documented, how will you know when to start and where to begin? Writing your goals and ideas down can tell you where you stand and where you are going. I have used this strategy only sporadically last year; however, I have made a commitment this year to writing down my goals and progress. Writing prepares me for the day and keeps me focused. So far, I’ve made steps towards the direction I want to take in 2019. So can you!     


  • Not a fan of writing, try a vision board!

If writing bores you to death, try making your aspirations visual. It can be an electronic version, or maybe you want to have a physical board. Glue or copy your goals and those who inspire you on your board. Make it personal. Don’t just tuck the board away. Keep it in a place you walk by each day; make it the background on your desktop; hang it up on a wall. Doing so will always keep your goals in your mind and move you to complete them. Even though I have only done this as an assignment in art class, there is much more value in making a vision board to reach your goals. Your goals, however, should only be for 2019 and in the near future. You can succeed, but some bigger goals might have smaller tasks you need to complete first – which brings me to my next tip.



  • Start with smaller goals, move on to bigger ones

Unless you win the lottery, most big goals don’t come to fruition without hard work. If you want to own a big house or a Lamborghini, think of all the steps needed to get there. These are your goals for the year. As mentioned in the first tip, write down these steps or but them on a vision board. Take it one day at a time. Appreciate and value the small goals to have the mentality and ability to tackle bigger ones.



  • Make time for yourself to think and do your work, relax, and sleep

Even if your goals are small, make sure you aren’t doing them all at once! Try to use this schedule: 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of relaxing, 8 hours of productivity. Keep in mind that you don’t need 8 hours of straight productivity; you can spread out your workload into segments to get the most out of your day! If you find yourself trapped and are either over or under your limit of sleep, relaxing, or productivity, maybe it’s time to let something go or rearrange your schedule. Organization is key to success. If you create too many goals, your vision might be foggy for the future. Keep your goal list reasonable and don’t let panic set in.


If you’re a high school student like me, anxiety might take over at some points. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to change your mentality and accomplish what you want for 2019. It has worked for me so far. Your life won’t change unless you take action, and it’s never too late to start.

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