McKay For The Win

The varsity football team has a proven coach that is ready to rack up wins in the upcoming season.

Mr. McKay, math teacher and physical conditioning coach, has taken over the Head Coaching position for the Varsity Football team. Mr. Steele will continue to coach as an assistant.

Leading teams to victories will not be new to the former LNC coach, as he holds multiple records for charter.

McKay holds the record for most wins in a season, 10-2, and most points per game in a season, 47.3 points. He broke both records in the 2012-2013 season. McKay believes the reason that the team had so much success that year was because of the work that was put in by everyone on the team.

McKay said, “That group put a ton of time in the weight room. They were not very successful during the 2010 season so they started working out every day and it obviously made a difference.”

The football team hasn’t had a .500 or better season since McKay’s last year. Along with increasing player turnout and strength, another goal in mind is getting a better win percentage. In order to get to these goals, lifting will become a bigger aspect in the player’s lives.

McKay looks immediately “to increase the team strength by getting everyone in the weight room” and ultimately seeing the dividends pay off.

One may wonder, “Why would McKay stop coaching if the team was so successful?” McKay believes he needed to spend more time being a dad and less time as a coach.

McKay said, “I wasn’t spending time with my family. My kids were very young then so I needed to be with them.”

McKay was asked if there are any standout talents that he looks to utilize in the upcoming season, and the first name he mentioned was Jaden Goodman. This answer doesn’t come as a surprise, especially to those who saw Goodman play against CSD this past year. Goodman ended the game with two rushing touchdowns, two receiving touchdowns, and 216 all purpose yards.

McKay has a lot to work with but this is nothing new to him. He had to build this football program from the ground up, so this should be a walk in the park.


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