February Zodiac Signs


Your mission is to be a little more focused in terms of what and who you give your energy to this month. Invest in people that invest in you and don’t fall into the trap of trying to keep everyone happy. Remember, you’re the star of the show now. Prioritize what’s important to stay motivated and on target.


Your star continues to rise as the cosmos sends you some extra mojo to help you with accomplishing your goals. As such, you could receive a raise or a leg up on the competition. Networking could bring rewards. Meanwhile, it’s time to ditch lopsided friendships. Overall, don’t ignore the facts.

It’s time to explore new horizons and travel. Educational pursuits could help lead you to places that enrich your mind and your soul. Some Taurus might even find love on the way. Career-wise, get ready for a fresh start or a step up. Let your sense of fulfillment be your guidepost. You’re unstoppable.
In matters of the heart, a love connection could become deeper or you may finally be ready to admit how you feel about someone. If you already have a partner, it’s possible that their finances will improve, thereby improving your finances. Your career takes off but nourish your soul too.
A new relationship could be on the horizon (either in business or love) which should give you the feeling that you’re moving in the right direction. Be brave and open up to new possibilities. Start socializing again. If in doubt, use your powerful intuition but don’t ignore the facts out of convenience.
Teamwork makes the dream work as you’re encouraged to reach out and collaborate with folks that can match your talent. In love, you could meet someone new with commitment potential while attached Leos could be embarking on a new chapter with their mate. Career-wise, get ready to put in effort.
Love is in the picture for you this month as the number of romantic matches significantly increases for you this month. Know that you are at your most attractive when you’re looking good and feeling well-rested and well-nourished. Meanwhile, be wary of unbalanced relationships. Love yourself.
You’re encouraged to delve inward and pay a little more attention to your home and family life. Maybe this means spending more time (happily) at home or with family. House hunting? You could find the right spot now. Meanwhile, your love life gets a fresh start. Watch your cash and your well-being.
If you haven’t been feeling as social as you should, this month is an excellent time to get back into the mix as love and opportunities could await you. With your popularity on the rise, this is also a great time to put your talents and ideas on display. On a different note, relationship boundaries may be needed.
Your finances get a big boost which could come courtesy of a new job or by you finally recognizing how amazing you are. In terms of where your head is this month, expect to receive some cosmic inspiration and homework on breaking away from an old way of thinking. Take care of your body.
You’re what’s hot in the streets this month as the cosmos bestows you with some extra charm and allure. If you’re single and dating, expect the admirers to come beating down your door. You and your words are magnetic now, so work your magic like a pro. Meanwhile, try to dream a little more.

You might find yourself working on more behind the scenes stuff this month, but chances are you’re going to enjoy the solitude. Look to ways that you can feed yourself at the soul level. It’s OK to bring the spotlight back to your needs. A relocation or home renovation project can be fulfilling.

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