Speak Up Stand Up by Brynn Cleveland

For the school’s DigCit class, I have begun creating my passion project called Speak up Stand up. This project is centered around the topic of bullying. Promoting anti-bullying awareness in school and how to refrain from being a bystander. I am approaching my project in an open-minded way because I always need new ideas. A video series on YouTube will allow me to spread my awareness and represent the ones who have been bullied, and my personal blog will present my journey creating the project. My videos will range from stories told in the form of interviews by victims of bullying, and short films, with a little acting, to tell the real story of bullying and by-standing. If this article catches your eye, feel free to email me at bcleveland@student.lncharter.org if you are interested in being interviewed for one of my videos, or would like to be featured in a short film. In the mean time, maybe be nice to someone a little extra today – you don’t know what they could be going through.

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