Christmas Trends and More!

Christmas is just around the corner! We cannot contain ourselves here at The Roundtable so here are some Christmas trends you don’t want to miss!


  1. The Neon Tree!

This tree is out of the ordinary but perfect for 2018 the year of change and diversity! This pink tree fits perfectly with the room design and brings a feeling of bright joy!


2. Ugly sweater History


Ugly sweaters have existed since the 19th century and since have grown into quite the trend in the U.S. Bill Cosby is a modern day pioneer for Ugly sweaters! He even incorporated them in his show! He is what you would call a Ugly Sweater Icon!


3. Christmas Star

We all know that amazing movie family tradition where the youngest of the family puts the beloved key ornament on the top of the Christmas tree! I know my family does it! On Christmas family is one of the most important factors of the holidays. It represents togetherness and peace! A time of love and joy! And what better way to show love and peace by the youngest being a symbol of love after the tree has been decorated!


4.  Dances and friends!

We all know about the winter formal that happened Saturday the 8th! I had sure had a blast and I feel like it was a great way to kick off midterms stress free. We all were and are stressed about big tests and what better way to relieve stress than hanging out with close friends and family! Get out and Have A Blast!


5. Teachers Christmas Wish list!

Our teachers at LNC strive to make our year better! So why not get them something in return as a thank you for all they have done? I have chosen one lucky teacher for this request!

Coach K (male)-

Dicks Sporting Goods gift cards

Lowes gift card

4. The History OF Christmas is amazing but the meaning is more important. I asked some of the students of Lncharter what they thought the meaning of Christmas is.

The first person I asked was an anonymous  freshman. This person states says ” The season to give”.  After the encounter with this student I went to go and ask another. I found another person from the freshman class. Joseph Sommers. He says ” the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus! Its a holy day”.  I stated that I agree since everyone has their own opinion but I feel the true meaning of Christmas was different so I did research and found out that everyone is right! Christmas is not only about being with family but celebrating the birth of Christ with your families and showing appreciation to your family by giving gifts.So my fellow classmates enjoy the holidays and never forget the true meaning of Christmas with all of its trends and games love is the real Christmas spirit, and to all those who do’t celebrate Christmas still spend time with your family! You don’t only have to celebrate your family on holidays do it everyday to bring a smile to someones face!

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