Bachi: A Cultural Melting Pot in Charlotte

A few weeks ago, I  got word of a new place called Bachi, a restaurant claiming to serve a combination of Filipino and Japanese food. Immediately, my interest was piqued. As a connoisseur of Japanese food, I could not imagine this fusion. How could such a place exist, and in Charlotte of all places? A few days later, I decided to explore the place with a friend. Upon walking inside, we were greeted with a friendly and welcoming staff who were quite accommodating for my friend on crutches. The atmosphere was casual, quaint, and its bright yellow and grey interior was pleasant to the eye. On the back wall, the name Bachi glowed in a series of light up metal letters.

After sitting down, I quickly glanced at their sushi menu. Each of their specialty rolls were uniquely named, unlike any other place I have seen.  Rolls like, “Wednesdays, we wear pink” and “Eugene Krabs” were just a few of my favorite names. On their main menu, I found a combination of various Filipino small plates such as their embutido, Filipino meatloaf, and Lumpia, Filipino pork egg rolls. As for the main meals, there were various hibachi options like steak, chicken, and shrimp. They also had several vegan options including a few sushi rolls, appetizers, and a small plate. Overwhelmed with options, we eventually settled on calamari, and the Tuna Tataki for appetizers. The calamari was average, but combined with the spicy chili sauce made for a crunchy sweet bite. My friend said that the Tataki was delicious and flavorful. As for the main meal, I chose the “That’s So Fetch” roll:  a tempura outside surrounded by seaweed stuffed with cooked salmon and avocado, and the “Goku” roll: tuna and salmon wrapped in thin layers of cucumber and topped with orange masago. If you are a fan of tempura, you would enjoy the richness of the “That’s so fetch” roll. For me however, it was too rich, and I found myself getting full too fast. However, the “Goku Roll” was the best sushi roll I have ever eaten. Even though I had to eat this roll in pieces because of its size, it was refreshing and bursting with flavor. My friend chose the chicken hibachi, which was a part of their opening special: for six dollars, you receive a massive plate filled with a mountain of rice, garlic noodles, veggies, and chicken. I tried the garlic noodles, which were extremely flavorful. In fact, I ended up eating most of hers! At six bucks, this was a steal. My friend took a huge portion home to make a full meal the next evening. For specialty rolls, my rolls were reasonably priced. Unfortunately, we did not get dessert because it was slightly overpriced, but the Halo Halo, a concoction consisting of shaved ice, ube ice cream, beans and jelly showed its Filipino roots. I will surely be back to try this invention.

Bachi is a trendy, diversified restaurant which will have your taste buds dancing. It was a fabulous addition to the city of Charlotte and hopefully you will think so too.

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