Ways to Save the Earth!

By: Lindsey Moore

Though we have one designated day to celebrate our beautiful planet (April 22, in case you missed it), we should use every day to celebrate and protect the earth we call home. Here are a few ways you can help save the planet:

  1. Recycle! There are plenty of recycling bins around in public these days, so make sure to properly dispose of your paper, plastic, and aluminum trash!
  2. Take shorter showers! Reducing your shower time by a couple of minutes can saveĀ gallons of water.
  3. Compost wasted food! Compost can provide great nutrients for a garden, and it reduces the amount of trash going to landfills.
  4. Drive less! Think about taking public transit, walking, or carpooling to work or school to reduce greenhouse gases.
  5. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of standard bulbs to save energy and money!
  6. Turn off lights and unplug appliances when they are not in use! This also saves energy and money.
  7. Use less fertilizers in your garden! Going more natural is better for both you and the environment.
  8. Get out into nature more! Got take a hike or walk with some of your friends and family Seeing the beauty of earth first hand will make you more likely to want to save it!


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