Adventures, Adventures, Adventures!

Hello all! Recently I’ve been pretty bored so I thought I would bring some fun adventure ideas to you! I cant go to all the places I wish just yet, but I’ll get my license soon enough. I will start with small activities to spice up your day then reach the movie worthy experiences!

  • go outside, just enjoy the fresh air 🙂
  • learn something new, whether it be a new word, the alphabet in a new language, instrument, or a skill
  • make a change to your living space
  • try a new restaurant
  • try out a new recipe
  • drive to the city and look at all the buildings and graffiti.
  • go with a friend to the graffiti walls and model in front of them!
  • dress up and act like a whole new person for a day
  • ask someone who you’re not friends with to hang out 🙂
  • do something to progress you towards your life passion
  • take a night drive, windows down, and your favorite music playlist playing
  • plan a day trip with your mains:)
  • surprise a friend and take them on a lunch date
  • serve a day at a charity, it’ll make you feel really good
  • plan a day trip to a lake in South Carolina
  • plan a day trip to Asheville with all your friends
  • go to the beach with your friends.

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