A Dominant Season

By: Melvin Harris

This year’s Girl’s soccer team is having one of their best seasons in a while. Their success can be partially attributed to one of their leaders, Ayden Yates.

Yates is a sophomore who plays forward. She leads the team in goals scored and points. She is also second in assists per game.

Yates believes the difference between this years team and last years team is the technical aspect of the game.

“Our entire team and I grew with the ball at our feet compared to last year. We are much more comfortable with the ball and are able to get out of tight situations” said Yates.

The ability to make plays with the ball at their feet has been key to winning this season. However, a coaching change has made a big difference for their team.

Yates said, “Our new coach, David, is amazing. His love for the game is priceless. He comes to practice ready to coach and makes us better like there is no tomorrow. He is the main reason we have gotten as far as we have”.

This year LNC moved on from the Big South 2A/3A Conference and into a new one, South Fork 2A Conference. It seems like they enjoy playing in this new conference because they are 11-0 against their opponents. Ayden believes being new to the conference serves as an advantage for them.

“I think the biggest factor to our dominance is that we are in a new division meaning we have to come out strong every game because we are unaware of their talent. We take each game one by one and make sure we finish out on top” Yates said.

The Lady Knights have won all of their games outside of one, which they tied Cox Mill 1-1. They are currently ranked third in the state for 2A girls soccer and have the ability to go all the way in the playoffs. Nevertheless, winning states has been on the girls’ minds since day one.

Yates said, “Winning states has been a team goal since the first practice. I believe if my team stays focused and does not take a game for granted, we will win. We have the technical and athleticism to win states but at the end of the day, it is in the mindset and work ethic”.

Their next game is Tuesday versus Bandys. Playoffs start next week, and they are fully aware of what is at stake. Yates is certain they can win it all if one thing happens.

“If we come out as if it is our last game and play the hardest we ever have, we will bring home a ring” Yates said.

Their last regular season home game is on Thursday against West Lincoln. Go out and support your Lady Knights!


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