Life Bucket List

By: Brynn Cleveland

  1. graduate high school
  2. graduate college
  3. visit Washington D.C.
  4. pull a senior prank
  5. go night swimming
  6. go on a road trip with friends
  7. go to a music festival
  8. get straight a’s
  9. go out of the country
  10. visit hawaii
  11. get a car
  12. visit canada
  13. drive a jetski
  14. swim with dolphins
  15. skydive
  16. have a professional photo shoot
  17. be fluent in another language
  18. try foreign foods
  19. ride in a hot air balloon
  20. see the Northern lights
  21. go to a concert
  22. release a floating lantern
  23. be on TV
  24. be in the newspaper
  25. leave a $100 tip
  26. learn to drive stick shift

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