Popular Netflix Movies – February Edition

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By: Hannah Gorski

The Cloverfield Paradox (TV-MA)

A return to the well-known Cloverfield name, this new addition to Netflix brings another horror film to the scene. The Cloverfield Paradox takes place in the near future and focuses on a team of astronauts as they discover a new part of reality that has the potential to tear life as we know it apart. As they struggle to survive in the middle of space, they face new challenges that could end up becoming very dangerous if they don’t find a way to overcome them soon. Not too much is known about this film yet, but followers of the Cloverfield franchise are certainly exited to see what this film has in store.

Lion (PG-13)

New to Netflix, this movie focuses on the true story of how a young five year old boy, Saroo, from India gets lost on a train that leads him thousands of miles away from his family and his home. He wanders the streets and is placed into an orphanage, when he is adopted by an Australian couple where he grows up. Once Saroo grows up, though, he begins the long journey to finding out where his family is now and how he can get to them. With the limited use of his memory and the expansive abilities of Google Earth, Saroo puts the rest of his life on hold to begin the search for his home.

Leap Year (PG)

This film is a sweet, easy to watch, romantic comedy that tells the story of Anna, a young woman from Boston, wants to travel to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Year (a long-holding tradition in Ireland). Along the way, though, Anna experiences multiple untimely obstacles, and on her journey to Dublin, she meets a charming young innkeeper that has the potential to change her plans. This film is so easy to sit down and watch for a few hours, and takes place in Ireland, so what’s not to like?!


Image Link: http://www.virtualpapercuts.com/2017/03/fillum-review-lion.html

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