National English Honor Society’s Poems

Curated By: Ashlyn Chapman


“V-Day in a Capitalistic Society: A Haiku”

St. Valentine’s Day,

Love and consumerism,

Corporations win.



love is not unlike

cigarettes; addiction’s most

fatal attraction



“Love is…”

Love is a firework kiss

That I always miss

Love is when I see you everywhere

Because you are always there

Love is patient

Even when I feel vacant

Love is kind

And even you don’t mind

But is love even real

or just an appeal?



Roses are Red

He has a phone

Nobody calls Fred

He’s forever alone


Days Dreaming to be Wed

Whilst hiding under his bed

Hoping his Mom doesn’t discover him

And tell him to get over them


Many people have said

He’d rather be dead

Than cry under his dead

Another lonely Valentine’s day with dread


But wait here is a vibration

What in tarnation

Someone is calling

He stops his bawling


He answers the Telly

It’s a call from Kelly

To avoid eating Mom’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

They go to Jason’s Deli


His sad days are at an end

He and his new girlfriend

Acting with a new purpose

Fred has breached his own surface


When you marvel at the sky

The expansive blue

Remember how wide

My love is for you


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