Varsity Cheer: State Champs!

By: Ally Reavis

You may have heard (or seen it all over social media) that our varsity cheer team took first for their division at the state competition on Saturday, making the Knights state champs!

The team has worked super hard for this all season, and are thrilled it all payed off. I can vouch for this because I am one of the cheerleaders! Between going to Cheer Athletics (a competitive cheerleading gym), practices at school, and cheering on our football and basketball team, we have been extra busy. Good thing we enjoy it! Our beloved coaches, Locke, and Cheer Athletics’ Mitch and Tyler, have guided us through everything we did and encouraged us to keep pushing. Without them, we wouldn’t be getting those states rings.

The State Invitational Championships competition were held at the Raleigh Convention Center on Saturday. We were in the Medium Varsity D2 division, consisting of schools such as Trinity High School and West Davidson High School. After performing our routine, we felt a sense of relief and excitement that we got zero deductions! It was an amazing feeling stepping on the mat with a confident, loving team and doing what we all know was possible: perfection.

Hearing “Lake Norman Charter Knights” called for first was an uplifting feeling. Here is the Varsity Cheer team pictured with their new banor and trophy. Holding up those 1s (feat. Tyler and Mitch)!

If you are unaware of what a competition routine consists of, then you might not realize all the effort that is put into those two minutes and thirty seconds on the blue mat. We started out with a bang of back tucks, stunned the crowd with synchronized stunts, impressed the judges with effortless tumbling, delivered visuals with a show-stopping pyramid, stretched ourselves to our best abilities in jumps, and set high standards by slaying in our dance. We did it all with a school spirit chant in between and smiles all throughout! It was truly fun to perform.

Not only did we win first, we recently found out that we got a bid to the National Cheerleading Competition. Hopefully, we will see in the near future if we will be attending! Maybe a National’s title in the future?

Now that basketball season has begun, we are ready to cheer on our Varsity Girls and Girls and hope for their season to be as rewarding as our competition season has been.



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