Lollipops: Favorite Flavor Analysis


Every year, the French Club holds a lollipop sale that benefits a Haitian orphanage. When the time comes to order the lollipops for the sale, French Club members rely on their memory to determine which lollipops to order and which not to. Past members discuss which lollipops they had trouble selling last year and make decisions about which lollipops should be ordered for next year. The most popular ones are ordered in the highest quantities and the less popular ones are ordered in fewer quantities. The absolute least popular flavors may be cut from the list, to some people’s dismay. One of the most memorable ‘discontinued’ flavors, for those of you that do remember, is dill pickle. Dill pickle lollipops were so extremely difficult to sell that French Club decided to cut them from the sale. Apparently, Ozark Delights had similar thoughts as they have recently stopped selling the lollipop altogether.

After debating which lollipops to sell for a few years in a row, I decided it would be interesting to figure out what flavors students acutally like and dislike. Since only 184 students responded to the survey, the results are not reprensentative of the entire student body. Additionally, most students had only tried a few flavors. 63.7% of students only bought 1-5 lollipops and 21.4% bought 6-10. On top of that, 79.7% of students tried 1-5 lollipops and 13% tried 6-10. Since not every student tried every lollipop, the favorites they recorded would be their favorites out of the few they tried. Because of this, the most common flavors or the most interesting sounding flavors may have been more prevalent in the responses of this survey. However, the results are still very interesting to look at.

top three flavors.PNG

In the survey, students were asked to list their top three favorite lollipop flavors. The bar graph above lists the flavors along with the number of times they were listed in students’ top three. Due to the survey’s format, some responses may be inflated by individuals claiming that one specific flavor was their first, second, and third favorite flavor. I know for a fact that this happened with Root Beer Float. Setting that aside however, I was suprised that Sweet Freedom was not in the top three favorite flavors. The top flavor was overwhelmingly Raspberry Lemonade, with it being voted as a top three favorite flavor 50 times. In second place, a very popular choice this year, was Cherry Limeade with 43 votes. Sour Pink Lemonade trails behind them with 31 votes. Sweet Freedom, the all time classic, placed in fourth with 25 votes. Luckily, and surprisingly, no lollipop was left behind. Every single lollipop was in someone’s top three.

Below is a complete list of the data to look at if you wanted to know the data points for any specific flavor. The graphs are a little hard to see considering there are so many flavors listed.

Flavor # of  Favorite Votes
Banana Split 7
Berries and Cream 11
Birthday Cake 12
Blue Raspberry 17
Blueberry Cheesecake 3
Bubblegum 8
Caramel Popcorn 6
Carribean Delight 9
Cherry Cheesecake 8
Cherry Limeade 43
Cherry Vanilla 5
Cookies and Cream 19
Cotton Candy 21
Fruit Smoothie 5
Fuzzy Peach 15
Island Punch 12
Juicy Grape 3
Key Lime 5
Kiwi Strawberry 12
Margarita 20
Maui Mango 13
Mint Chocolate Chip 13
Orange Vanilla Whip 8
Pina Colada 19
Raspberry Lemonade 50
Red Hot Cinnamon 5
Root Beer Float 12
Slushie 5
Sour Cherry 11
Sour Green Apple 6
Sour Mandarin Orange 4
Sour Pink Lemonade 31
Strawberry 13
Strawberry Banana 10
Strawberry Cheesecake 10
Sweet Freedom 25
Tiger’s Blood 16
Tropical Splash 11
Watermelon 18
Wild Cherry 9

Least Popular Flavors

Students were also asked to select their three least favorite lollipops. The least favorite flavors data seems much more interesting. There are two flavors that seem to be EXTREMELY unpopular. Out of the 184 students who took the survey, 48 of them disliked Banana Split, and 69 disliked Caramel Popcorn. That’s 26.08% of students who dislike Banana Split, and 37.5% who disliked Caramel Popcorn! Though some students had listed those flavors as their favorites, they are largely unpopular within our student body. Red Hot Cinnamon was also fairly unpopular, with 33 people listing it as one of their least favorites. Two flavors, Cherry Vanilla and Strawberry, were not the least favorite flavor of any student in this survey. Those ones must be the crowd pleasers.

Again, below is a complete list of the data to look at if you wanted more information.

Flavor # of Least Favorite Votes
Banana Split 48
Berries and Cream 26
Birthday Cake 27
Blue Raspberry 8
Blueberry Cheesecake 21
Bubblegum 14
Caramel Popcorn 69
Carribean Delight 3
Cherry Cheesecake 9
Cherry Limeade 5
Cherry Vanilla 0
Cookies and Cream 15
Cotton Candy 7
Fruit Smoothie 7
Fuzzy Peach 10
Island Punch 1
Juicy Grape 13
Key Lime 12
Kiwi Strawberry 6
Margarita 12
Maui Mango 6
Mint Chocolate Chip 13
Orange Vanilla Whip 11
Pina Colada 7
Raspberry Lemonade 1
Red Hot Cinnamon 33
Root Beer Float 20
Slushie 5
Sour Cherry 2
Sour Green Apple 2
Sour Mandarin Orange 13
Sour Pink Lemonade 1
Strawberry 0
Strawberry Banana 5
Strawberry Cheesecake 11
Sweet Freedom 8
Tiger’s Blood 8
Tropical Splash 2
Watermelon 3
Wild Cherry 9

It remains fairly uncertain whether any of this data is accurate. It is clear that the survey does not fully represent the student body, as only 184 people responded. (Freshmen were the best represented with 31% of the respondents being Freshmen. Sophomores were the least represented, with only 20.7% of respondents being Sophomores.) Additionally, it is unknown how many responses are entirely accurate. For instance, one individual had recorded that they had only bought 1-5 lollipops, but that they had tried all forty of them… Sure, sure, that may be true, but is it likely? I don’t think so. It seems suspicious. Who am I to say though? Maybe that kid is really popular and has a ton of generous friends who provide him/her with lollipops! What a lucky person!

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