Micro-Goal Setting in Second Semester

By: Ashlyn Chapman

If you haven’t already taken the time to look at our calendar, here is the link.

For many students, second semester wears them down, especially during the tedious hours studying for finals during fourth quarter. In order to survive and thrive when low on motivation, I propose students start setting small goals to reach between the larger milestones.

For instance, with the exception of one e-learning day, we have no more days off until Spring Break during the first week of April (now that President’s day is a school day). To the end of the year, we have one half day on Prom. This seems painful, until we break it down, week by week. Get to the weekends, where you can do a little work on your huge science project. Then survive until the project is due. Seniors, just last until Universal. Winter sports are wrapping up, and spring sports are just around the corner. Look forward to going to your first basketball game or trying out for track for the last time. Numerous events are happening on a week to week basis that we should look forward. When you get hype about small events, suddenly you did not notice an entire month has passed. (Time flies when you’re having fun!) All in all, keeping positive between long stretches of school is the key way to stay focused and happy.


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