Movies in Theaters

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Movies in Theaters

By: Hannah Gorski

Justice League (PG-13) 

The famous group of DC superheroes unite together to save the world in this action-packed adventure film. This long-anticipated superhero film includes all of your favorite superheroes and is supposed to be quite the showstopper. (I’ve heard that the film doesn’t quite live up to it’s expectations, though…)

Coco (PG)

The long-awaited Disney Pixar movie is here! “Coco” tells the tale of a young Hispanic boy named Miguel as he begins his quest to return the importance of music to his family and his culture. Box-offices are raving about this cultural masterpiece and say that Disney Pixar has outdone themselves. Over Winter Break, this movie would be great to check out!

Thor: Ragnarok

In this new action-packed film, Thor is trapped on the other side of the universe without help from his hammer. He needs to race against the clock to return to home in order to stop Ragnarok – the destruction of his home. In this action-packed adventure film, Thor returns and even reunites with the Incredible Hulk! If you’re looking for a fun, action movie to see over Winter Break, this one is for you.

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