How to Study for Midterms

By: Brynn Cleveland

You must be worrying about the midterms hanging over your head, I know I am. This list of tips was made so you can relax and know that you are about to do great!

  • Most important tip of all, believe in yourself. You’ve got this, you always do.
  • Revise the bigger picture first, then the small details.
  • Read notes aloud. This is seven times more effective than reading them in your head.
  • Review past tests. Teachers often put the most important things on a test, so if you’re low on time, reviewing tests will give you an idea of the significant information.
  • Get in the right mindset. You are not going to study effectively if you are already stressed and tired.
  • Make flashcards. It’s simple yet effective.
  • Eat brain food like fruits, veggies, protein rich healthy foods, nuts, and drink water.
  • Plan ahead. Start setting out different days/times/hours to study each topic.
  • Do not start last minute. If you are reading this now, start reviewing now, as you still have time.

Good luck, you will do great 🙂

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