NCTC: Something to be Proud of

By: Ally Reavis

You may or may not have noticed all the hard work our school’s theater program has been putting in this year! With going all the way to SCTC last year, the members are striving to keep their high status. The plays, Wiley and the Hairyman and H-O-N-K performed their opening night in our very own MPR by the amazing cast and crew on October 19. If you were lucky enough to see the school performances, you know the talent involved! Haley Vogel stars as Wiley in Wiley in the Hairyman, with Aaron Allen as the Hairyman, and Christina Torres as Mammy. An amazingly adaptable chorus group made up of many students bring the swamp to life. It is directed by our very own, Mr. Willets, and student, Anita Hendricks. It is about Wiley, who lives in the swamp with his Mammy and dog. Together, they attempt to conquer Wiley’s fears while trying to trick the Hairyman. Not only is it a comedic musical, it even has parts that could be scary for children!59de43d75ee62.image


H-O-N-K, the heartwarming play written by the creative Rachel Hull, brings to light bullying against children that are different. It is directed by Nicole Pehan and Jace Padgett. Teddy Dano stars as Hank, with Davis Cleveland as the bully, Eric. It also features Shelby Armstrong playing Piper and Brittany Blitsein as Hank’s teacher. The play follows Hank, a child with tourettes, as he grows up trying to prove how his disability makes him special. If you saw this play, you know not only does it make you say, “Awhhhh!”, it will make you giggle! It’s easy to get caught up in this play and want to punch the bullies that disrespect your friend, Hank.

Last weekend, the plays were taken to NCTC Regionals, where they killed it! Wiley and the Hairyman is one of two plays from the competition moving on to NCTC States next weekend, on November 18th. H-O-N-K was honored as well! Some of the honors included:

Excellence in Directing (three years in a row)- Mr. Willets

Excellence in play writing- Rachel Hull

Excellence in Tech Design and Construction- Brady Mckay, Nathan Wilson, Mathew Patterson

Excellence in Tech Design- Ezri Fender and Meghan Seitz

Excellence in Acting- Davis Cleveland, Haley Vogel, Aaron Allen

Outstanding Male Acting Award-Teddy Dano

Outstanding Ensemble- Wiley and the Hairyman

If that doesn’t prove the quality of our school’s theater program, what does! Something to be proud of, for sure! We wish them luck as their competition journey continues.

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