Impacting the World, One Teacher at a Time

By: Melvin Harris

Learn, Lead, and Serve is LNC’s motto and Mrs. Cavicchia embodies these values.

Mrs. Cavicchia did not start off as an educator.  She began her career as a journalist. She has professional experience writing articles and putting ads in the magazine of very popular venues.

Cavicchia says, “I worked for CNN in Atlanta and Teen People Magazine in New York. I loved Manhattan. I did their advertising. All of the ads you see in a magazine, I did that. I sold all of that for lots and lots of stuff.”

One may ask, “Why teach if you can work for CNN or Teen People?” Well, some people want to help change the world, Mrs. Cavicchia just so happens to be one of them.

“I felt like I was making all of this money for Time Warner who owned it all. I wasn’t changing the world; I wasn’t doing something that really contributed to the world” Cavicchia said. 

Cavicchia felt like putting ads in magazines was not impacting the world in a positive way. So she went to her roots and became a teacher. Her parents were both teachers and she was a substitute teacher for a few years. Before she became a full time teacher, she ran a student internship at a student magazine. After running this program, she knew that teaching was her calling.

Mrs. Cavicchia has loved her new students at LNC. She has noticed something different here than at any other school she has taught at.

Cavicchia says, “The kids want to learn. Most of the kids do their homework, participate in class, and most of the kids I have want to be in school.”

When she isn’t making the lesson plan, grading papers, or tutoring, Cavicchia is spending quality time with her kids and pets. In some ways, she is just like us.

“I spend all of my time at the baseball field with my son and at the dance studio with my daughter. Sometimes I play video games. I also play with my dogs” said Cavicchia. 

Mrs. Cavicchia wanted to make an impact in the world that would change lives and make a difference in our communities. Whether that be spending extra time after school to help a student or making extra assignments to boost grades, Mrs. Cavicchia is a leader and wants to make this world a better place. She did her best at Mooresville, and she wants to continue making a difference at Charter!

I wanted a new opportunity. I was ready for a new challenge” said Cavicchia.





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