Study Tips/ How to Get Better Grades

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By: Brynn Cleveland

If you want to ace your next test, follow these steps to do your absolute best!

  1. Write information down. You are seven times more likely to remember something if you write it down rather than just read it.
  2. Move around. Staying in one spot will bore your mind, and you will begin to think about other things.
  3. Make your own practice test with the hardest questions. This will show how much your brain is actually retaining information, and will show what you need to go over again later.
  4. Drink water and eat brain food. Sugar won’t help you this time! Try drinking a full cup of water or more and eating a fruit or something with lots of vitamins before studying.
  5. Imagine your goal. If you’re not in the right mindset or not motivated to study, don’t plan on getting anything done. Imagine yourself getting back the test and seeing an A, this will help to motivate your brain to reach the goal.
  6. Take breaks. Studying for hours and hours will make you feel more stressed than ever. Try revising for 50 minutes, then taking a 10 minute break.
  7. If you have extra time, rest before studying. Sleep will refresh your brain and prepare it to collect more information.
  8. Do not use google! Using your own notes to study for tests will benefit you way more than google, because the teacher gave you the notes which means they are appropriate for the test since they are the ones making the test.

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