What I’ve Been Listening To

By: Ally Reavis

October has been a great month for music, although there were not many major
releases. For me, this month (and forever), Billie Eilish has been looping on my Spotity. Billie was born and raised in L.A, and has always been homeschooled. Her parents encouraged her and her bother to follow their passions from a young age. Billie obviously took this advice and ran with it. You may have heard her breakthrough song, “Ocean Eyes”. It has over 14 million streams online and has been remixed many times since. In August of this year, she released her new EP, Don’t Smile at Me. The craziest part about Eilish is that she is only fifteen years old! Can you imagine
being so young and already having hit songs and a major following? She does it all and manages to stay humble. My favorite part of her new EP is how raw the lyrics are. It is almost as if I am gossiping with her in my room when she sings. With her beautiful, crystal-clear voice, she  expresses all of her emotions and never holds anything back. Billie is completely and utterly herself. This also shines through in her fashion choices. She makes it all seem so easy! I can always vibe with “idontwannabeyouannymore”. Yes, that is how it is written. No, it is not a typo. It hits the lyrical spot for a lot of female teenagers as it talks about self-confidence issues. If you are looking to get your anger out
through music, the best way to do so, indulge yourself in “COPYCAT”. Screaming her witty lyrics will make you feel like you are getting back at that one copycat you just can’t shake. This album has it all!

Keep your eye out for her in the near future! There is no doubt this incredible woman
will be something big soon!


Another artist I have been loving is Daniel Caesar. His latest album,
Freudian, was released in August of this year. It has recently gained more popularity. Being a fan of Frank Ocean for a while now, listening to Daniel Caesar for the first time provided a familiar sound. His music will not only put you in your feels, it will hit the chill R&B spot. His most popular song is” Get You” (feat. Kali Uchis). My personal favorites are “Japanese Denim” and “Blessed”. “Japanese Denim” and it’s doo-wop backbeat that brings me into Caesar’s world. The piano ballad, “Blessed”, is a soulful ballad that will make you want to dramatically sing along. His bits of falsetto give the lyrics emotional depth. Daniel Caesar, now twenty-two, is from Toronto, Canada. His music style ranges from acoustic pop to soul songs. Caesar is considered a rapper and singer. He writes his own songs, making them super personable.



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