Over a month into the new school year, and I have learned plenty of things that will knock your socks right off. I can graph a slope of a slope, and I can identify common precipitates in chemical reactions. However, the most life-changing thing I have learned so far is that people eat the skin on peaches. Yes, you heard me right. Peach fuzz is indeed edible!

It all started when I spotted Mrs. Zamiara eating part of her lunch, a peach, in class, but I thought she was simply eating an apple. That is when the trouble began. Z was eating a peach just like an apple, paying no mind to the skin of the peach. I was shocked. Never in my life would I be caught dead eating peach fuzz.

I thought that Zamiara was insane for eating the skin of her peach. As I discussed this predicament with my peers, I arrived at a startling conclusion: eating peach skin is normal, acceptable behavior.  I could not believe this! So I took action. I wrote up a Google Form and sent it out to you all. In a matter of hours, the answer was clear and the tension was resolved, but my disgust remains still. Over 50% (52.7%) of the respondents said that they regularly eat the skin on the peaches. An additional 24.2% reported that they would eat the skin on peaches, but only if they had to. I could not believe my eyes. Only 23.1% of respondents refuse to eat the skin on peaches. How could this number be so low?

Alas, I learned my lesson: do not judge what others eat.

Still, with all these numbers, I wonder what else we can learn. First thing, I applaud the 182 of you who took the time to complete my survey. I appreciate you. Secondly, I do not think the 182 who responded to my survey know what a nectarine is or what a peach is. For some reason, beyond my knowledge, more people reported that they would eat the skin of peaches than they would eat the skin of nectarines. Why would you eat the fuzzy, disgusting peach skin more often than the smooth, juicy layer of nectarine? Only 78 of 182 (43.6%) said they like to eat nectarine skin, compared to the 96 (52.7%) who said they like to eat peach skin.

chart (1)

Additionally, 11 deranged respondents said they eat the skin of kiwis. Remember, I learned my lesson and will not criticize. But, still, 11! Note, people may not have answered truthfully because they found my survey trivial and pointless. I am sure some of you reported that you ate kiwi skin to be funny…but I cannot say for sure.

Finally, how do only 22 of you (12.2%) know the song Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America? To me, this lack of musical knowledge is more appalling than eating peach fuzz.

If you are interested, here are the results of the survey I sent out.



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