Music of the Month

Another year, another Frank Ocean song to write about. I’d like to start by saying thank you, Frank. A new track by Frank Ocean truly has the power to make my week… dare I say, month. True to form, Frank Ocean released “Provider” unexpectedly on August 27 but it was no less of a hit. In no time after its release, fans began to freak out about the track. Frank Ocean songs just have a way of making you feel like everything is okay even when it’s not. Admittedly, I have never heard a Frank Ocean song I didn’t like, but still, “Provider” is high up there on the list of favorites. With each song, Ocean gives us a little bit more insight into his life but also a little insight into our own as well.

In other news, Miguel released new song “Sky Walker” on August 25th. The song is a good summer anthem, so if you’re still trying desperately to hang on to summer, give it a listen. Miguel adopts a different sound with “Sky Walker” than fans are used to, but with Travis Scott featured on the track, it has become very popular very quickly. Scott’s verse provides an interesting contrast to Miguel’s smooth sound. The song title is, in fact, based on the character Luke Skywalker, for all the Star Wars fans out there. “Sky Walker” is a preview of Miguel’s upcoming album called “War and Leisure” which we can only hope will be just as good. Even if it can’t bring back summer, maybe it can help to ease the pain of being back at school.

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