LNC Elementary School

Lake Norman Charter has always been looking for ways to expand and improve its service to the community, even before the opening of the high school in 2007. Therefore, it was only logical to open the elementary school ten years later. Located three and a half miles away from the current middle and high school on a 37-acre parcel of land by Hambright Road, the elementary school opened earlier this year, welcoming around 300 K-2 students. The school will add the third and fourth grades next year. Though classes take place in modular units until a permanent building can be constructed, you would never be able to tell that the school is made of trailers because of the cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Paul Wagner, a student who worked at LNC over the summer, had only good things to say about the elementary school. Though he mainly worked on painting at the high school, he also spent a considerable amount of time building decks at the new elementary school. “There was a lot of community involvement,” he recalled. “We had a bunch of people from the Lake Norman Charter community working at the school – teachers, students, parents everyone.” The community’s dedication to its youngest members’ education is definitely something that everyone at LNC should be proud of.

Many parents also echoed their appreciation for the community’s involvement in opening the LNC elementary school. Melissa Smith, an English teacher at the high school and mother of a kindergartner, has already been thoroughly impressed with the quality of education and amount of dedication she’s seen. “There’s no better school in the area,” she said when asked why she chose LNC for her daughter. Similarly, Mrs. Smith remarked that LNC has the “best teachers around” and that she could not imagine a better environment for her child.

No one has been more delighted about the opening of the new elementary school than the students themselves. When asked what her favorite part of the school day was, Rachael Husak, a second-grader, replied, “I can’t pick; I like all of it!” Similarly, in comparison to her previous school, first-grader Samantha Wilson noticed much better behavior from her classmates and more caring teachers. When asked what she liked about the school, she said, “I love it! Everyone gets to learn together, and no one gets put in timeout.” These students’ appreciative comments show that the work that the community has put in is paying off.

The community has not only been involved in the construction of the elementary school, but has also continued to play a role in these young students’ lives. Several high school students dedicate their time to working at the elementary school counseling their after-school activities every day. These students act as role models to the younger kids. They play outside, read to, and play games with the kids. On the day of homecoming, cheerleaders and football players will be going to the elementary school to welcome our youngest students. “I don’t think there’s anything more a school district could do. It’s truly a family community,” Mrs. Smith praised.

Though LNC is a young school, it has already expanded greatly and the future looks bright. On the future of the elementary school, Joanne Wilson, a high school science teacher, observed, “We’ve earned such a great standing not only in the community but nationally, and I can only imagine what we’ll be doing in the years to come!”

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