Hurricane Harvey Relief Drive

In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey earlier this month, our school worked with Next Level Readiness to gather donations to be sent to Texas to help those in need. At the high school, French Honor Society was in charge of collecting the donations and at the middle school, the Builders Club was responsible for collecting donations. The response from our school was incredible. So many students brought in so many items to be donated. There were several huge boxes packed with items every day that the drive took place. There were so many donations that French Honor Society had trouble keeping up some mornings! Mrs. Davis’s room was filled with piles of donations!

After picking up the donations from our school, some other local organizations, and some businesses, Andre and Austin from Next Level Readiness actually drove down to Texas to personally deliver the supplies that our school and our community donated. The items were greatly needed and greatly appreciated. The people down in Texas really put our donations to good use. They were very grateful to us, our school, and our community. Below is a video of Austin from Next Level Readiness delivering the donations to one of the Texas communities in need.

It is amazing to see what our student body can accomplish when they come together and collectively work towards a cause. It is amazing that our school was able to help these people start to get back on their feet. A huge thanks goes out to Next Level Readiness for organizing this drive, including us, and driving the donations all the way down to Texas.


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