A Chain of Disasters 

by Ally Reavis

It isn’t hard to tell that the past few weeks have been dictated primarily by natural disasters. From Hurricane Harvey to the magnitude seven earthquake in Mexico and too many in between, it might feel to you that the world is ending. It can all be a lot to process, so here is a quick recap.

The 2017 hurricane season has been abnormally active. Seven of the thirteen tropical stormshave been deemed hurricanes, four of them reaching category four. Let’s start with Hurricane Harvey.

When it hit Texas on August 31, it was a category four hurricane. It has been called one of the most damaging natural disasters ever in U.S history, costing over $190 billion to clean up. The most devastating part of the storm’s affects was the rainfall. The maximum total rainfall is the largest ever recorded in the United States, causing major flooding! It is estimated that eighty-two people died in Harvey.

On that same day that Harvey was devastating Texas, Hurricane Irma came into the news as a Category Three. The storm increased power to a category five as it traveled through parts of the Caribbean. Then, on September 10, Irma hit landfall in Florida and it’s Keys. About forty-two people died in Irma. It would have been more without all of the evacuation warnings from Rick Scott, the Florida governor.

Meteorologists are currently watching Hurricane Maria. On September 20, it plowed through Puerto Rico with winds of 115 mph, nearly Category 5! Maria is predicted to continue destroy everything in its path so make sure to keep your eye out for it. This is the third major hurricane threat to the U.S in a month! Man, that global warming really does make a difference!

In twelve days, Mexico has experienced two traumatic earthquakes. On the tail end of
September 7, the strongest earthquake to hit the country did it’s damage. It had whopping a magnitude of 8.1. With hardly any time to recover, another earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 rattled about 100 miles out of Mexico City. Tuesday was also the anniversary of an earthquake that occurred in 1985, killing 10,000 people in Mexico. You might be wondering why Mexico is so prone to earthquakes. The location of the country is the main reason for all of the quakes. Mexico is a subduction zone (you
probably learned about this freshman year science) where stress builds.

As a society living on Earth, we can only hope that we will soon see the end of the disaster and do everything in our power to take care of our planet in the mean time.

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