Meet Mr. Funchess

Mr. Funchess was born to educate the youth. Whether that be lecturing a student or teaching his football players the playbook.

He considers himself one of the best at his job because he believes he is one of the highest intellectuals at school.

“I’ve always enjoyed conveying knowledge. I got into education because I consider myself an intelligent person” said Funchess. 

Funchess wasn’t always an administrator, he started off as a biology teacher, and built his résumé from there. He earned his bachelors in Biology at NC Central University and received his Masters in School Administration from NC State.

For some, switching from teaching to becoming an assistant principal, may seem like a tough decision, but not for Mr. Funchess.

Funchess says, “As a teacher you are limited on an impact on a school. I was a teacher and Coach. I was encouraged by veteran teachers to pursue administration. As an administrator, you have a broader range to impact a school”.

Mr. Funchess has also coached three sports during a school calendar year. This is another act of dedication from our new Assistant Principal.

Funchess is a veteran in education. He has had lots of teaching and administration experience at East Lincoln, Northwest High School, and Jordan High School.

Unfortunately, Mr. Funchess has taught at our newest rival, East Lincoln. However, the reason he came over to LNC is because he saw a new opportunity.

“I was looking for a change. A place that would allow me to grow and advance in what I’m trying to do. I was looking for a location that was open-minded and did not have the mindset of a traditional school trajectory… Being here will enable me to be creative and to do what’s best for the students…” Funchess said.

Mr. Funchess is a very hard working man as you can see. One may ask, “so what does he do when he’s not working?”.

“I like cooking, bowling, watching movies, and spending time with my family. I will play video games, card games, board games on occasion” Funchess said. 

Mr. Funchess has seen great work ethic out of his students and that’s what pleases him the most.

“The good thing is that most kids seem motivated in classes to learn” says Funchess.

It’s only been 25 days of school, and Mr. Funchess expects us to keep up the good work all year! Let’s go Knights, and give a big welcome to our newest Assistant Principal Mr. Funchess!


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